Youth Basketball Plays - Intermediate

Youth Basketball Plays - Intermediate - $19.99

Basketball plays for intermediate youth basketball players ages 9 to 13. Basketball playbook that includes basketball plays that utilize a variety of basic offensive sets: 3-2 Motion Offense, Box Offense, 1-3-1 Offense, 1-4 High Offense, 1-4 Low Stack Offense.  Also included are techniques for shooting, passing and dribbling.  The basketball drills and practice plans help teach the fundamentals of basketball.

The intermediate basketball play book will provide you the information you need to coach a basketball team.  The plays are court ready, and have been used by many youth basketball coaches across the nation.  If your basketball team is new and younger, then you may be interested in our beginner basketball program. 

Product Description

  • Intermediate Youth Basketball Plays
  • 50+ Basketball Drills - shooting, passing, dribbling
  • Basketball practice plans 60 and 90 minute
  • Proper shooting, passing and dribbling techniques
  • Basketball plays for kids 9 - 13 years old

Playbook Details

  • 50 Page Basketball Program
  • 32 Basketball Plays
  • (6) Different offensive sets
  • Basketball practice plans - 60 min, 90 min
  • Drills for shooting, passing, dribbling
  • Tips for coaching youth basketball

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