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Making Basketball Drills Fun for Younger Kids

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There are great basketball practice games that are exclusive and carefully designed to not only teach basketball drills to your team but to show them how they can play basketball better and thereby get more results in a shorter amount of time. This is an especially important component for children of a younger age. These children will have the shortest attention span and will generally need the most amounts of breaks whether for water or for snacks. By integrating different drills that help them to get more done in less time, they will be rewarded...

Which Basketball Plays? Beginner or Intermediate?

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I have a 9 year old girls basketball team, that have never played before.  What program should I purchase? The Beginner Basketball Plays, or the Intermediate Basketball Plays?

If you have a new team of players that have not played before I suggest the beginner plays.  The Beginner Basketball Plays are basic plays that only include a single pass and/or screen.  The plays are designed to create dribbling lanes toward the basket.    The plays are also color coded plays.  This means that each position has a specific color along with position name.   Each player is assigned a...

How do I teach young kids basketball plays while keeping all players interested?

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I have a team of 10 players, how do I teach them a basketball play without the other 5 getting bored? Should I have them doing something else while i work with the 1st group and rotate when they are done?


Very good question.. This is one of the challenges of teach youth basketball.  Keeping the kids interested while coach is instructing. I've had the most success with splitting them up into two groups.  The first group is learning the plays while the other is working on individual skills (drills) or defense.  I usually have one of my other coaches...