Purpose of Drill: This is a fun and challenging basketball drill for kids of all ages. Forces players outside their comfort zone to dribble the basketball quickly while staying in control of their ball. This youth drill has lots of variations and can be used over and over.

Equipment Needed: Cones, Basketballs

Set Up:  Create 4-5 rows of cones depending on the number of players you have.

You should have a maximum of four players per team. Place cones far enough apart so players have room to weave through but close enough together that is challenges them.

Description: Split basketball players into 2-5 different relay teams based on the number of players available. Try to have no more than 4 players per team to avoid too much standing around. On the whistle players will start weaving through the cones, turn around at the end and weave back through the cones back to their line. They must make a good bounce or chest pass to the next person in line before they begin. First team finished wins. This drill allows you to be creative. You can place the cones in a straight line, square or any other pattern you like. You can make your players weave through the cones or make complete circles around each one. You also have the option to make them use their right hand only, left hand only and both hands. Make sure that players make a good strong bounce or chest pass to their teammates, and make sure they are in control of the basketball at all times.

Coaching Cues: Eyes up, move quickly but under control, make good strong passes. Don’t travel or double dribble.