Purpose: Defensive players work on footwork and discipline guarding the fast break. Offensive players work on passing and finishing a two-on-one situation.

Drill Set-Up: Start two offensive players at the half court line, with one player at the top of the three point line ready to defend. One of the two offensive players should have the ball.

The Drill: The two offensive players start toward the basket as if on a fast break. They are required to pass the ball at least three times before taking a shot, and may not make more than one dribble in between passes. The defensive player is not allowed to reach for the ball – they may only defend by moving their feet and keeping hands up. The key for the defensive player is to focus on quick, short steps to stay in front of the offensive player with the ball. By grouping the whole team in sets of three, you can cycle them on and off the court quickly. Rotate which players are on the defensive and offensive side of the ball.

Make it a Game: After a set number of rotations, the player who allowed the fewest number of scores while on defense is named the winner of the drill.