Setting up the Drill:  Pair each player with a partner to start this drill.  Have the players line up on each sideline facing one another.  Place a basketball in the center in front of each pair.   

The Drill:  Use the whole court so the players will have more space to dribble the basketball (you can also use cones to keep the players from getting in the way of another pair).   Once you blow your whistle, the players should race to the basketball directly in front on them.  The player that picks up the ball first will be on offense and the player without the ball will be on defense.  The player on offense will try to get past the defensive player by dribbling to their opponent’s sideline.  Once all players have dribbled across the court (or the defensive player wins the basketball), the players will place the basketball back in the middle of the court.  Pick a side that will rotate after each turn so each player will go up against different players throughout the game.