Drill Set Up:

Set up three cones:    Cone #1 is place at three point arc, left side of the key.  Cone #2 is placed at a similiar spot on the right side of the key, and Cone #3 is placed on the right side of the basket, about 10 feet  from the basket.   Set up two equal lines one behind cone #1 and the other behind cone #3. 

The Drill:

The ball will start with players lined up at cone #1.  The player will dribble the basketball done the three point line to cone #2.  Once at #2 the player will stop and pass the ball to the player standing at cone #3.  The player at cone #3 will turn and shoot the ball toward the basket. 

Coaching notes:

The player dribbling the ball should use the outside hand to dribble (right hand).  They should work to make a controlled dribble, a quick stop and a good quick pass.  The players catching and shooting the basketball, should attempt to catch, turn and shoot without hestitation.   Depending upon the level of basketball player and age group, you can include move the shot up or back.  

Variations to the drill include:  

  1. Add a defender to the dribbler - to provide the passer a player to pass over, around, etc.
  2. Have the shooter drive to the basket for a layup
  3. The dribbler can cut toward the basket, after the pass to shooter.  The shooter will then pass back to the dribbler and the dribble will then either shoot a jump shot or finish with a layup.