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Youth Basketball Plays

Youth Basketball Plays for All Levels

  • Basic Plays for Kids Ages 5 to 7
  • Basketball Plays for Ages 8 to 10
  • Intermediate Basketball Plays Ages 11 & 12
  • 3 on 3 Youth Basketball Plays
Color coded teaching

Color Coded Teaching System

  • Color Coded Youth Basketball Plays
  • Our system makes it easy to teach & learn
  • Color wristbands that match player positions
  • Add colored cones and shot spots
Basketball Coaching Aids

Basketball Coaching Aids

  • Basketball Coaches Boards
  • Practice Jerseys and Pinnies
  • Aids to Assist Coaching Basketball
  • Basketballs, Floor Spots, Wristbands

Youth Basketball Plays, Drills, and Practice Plans

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Competitive Youth Basketball Team

With our easy to use basketball plays, practice plans and drills you can turn your group into a competitive basketball team. Our basketball plays have been used successfully and are proven to work.

Structured Basketball Practice

Being prepared and organized is key to success when coaching youth basketball. Our youth basketball practice plans and drills are designed to assist coaches by providing a structured practice, and lots of plays, drills and fun activity.

Easy to Teach Basketball Plays

Our youth basketball plays are designed to be easy to teach and fun for the kids to learn. With a color coded system youth basketball players learn quickly. The basis for our program is to make it easy and fun for kids to learn the game of basketball.

Fundamentals of Youth Basketball

Coaches guide includes all the essentials you need to coach a young basketball team. Basketball plays, drills, practice plans, drills and the basic fundamentals of basketball. Shooting, passing, dribbling, defense and offense.


“Your basketball plays and drills were easy to teach. The kids really enjoyed them.”

- Thank you, Coach Jeffery

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Coaches Corner


Basketball Plays Against a Zone Defense

In youth basketball, the use of a zone defense has become more popular in recreational youth basketball leagues.  Coaches like to teach the zone because it is easier to defend a good offense, and to stop a good point guard. ...